Easily and effectively add gamification



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Crowdster adds gamification to your marketing campaign. It complements your branded content campaigns with all the benefits gamification brings. Gain valuable insights in your key demographic and interact with it in a fun and entertaining way. With our custom CMS it's very easy to create games based on your existing content.

Why gamification?

Gamification incorporates fun and an element of competition to a marketing strategy. Gamification can induce an emotional connection with the audience and leads to a longer relationship as opposed to simple brand awareness. By allowing your audience to become a participant instead of a viewer, you increase brand loyalty and positivity towards your business.


Use existing content
To create beautiful games in just a few clicks
Add advertiser real estate
In a committed key demographic
Increase loyalty
By converting VIEWERS into PLAYERS
Get player insights
Track conversion to open new budget from key accounts

Purely web-based



Crowdster has a wide range of commercial possibilities. We can tailor to each demographic with extensive in-game options. From a regular ad-roll to an entirely sponsored game. All tailored to your own brand-identity
No problem!

Crowdster can be placed on your own website. This gives your visitors the chance to get to know your offering in an interactive way. Would you like players to come back more often? Use Crowdsters loyalty features and you have guaranteed returning visitors..